Street Smarts: Life Skills for Success eBook

  • STREET SMARTS:  Life Skills for Success is a book that captures all that information one learns over time and in the real world - BUT, unfortunately, not usually in the class room.

    It is about that unique collection of lessons ("street smarts") we all learn from experience - often, the hard way.

    This book is the perfect gift for anyone transitioning out of the military and preparing for a life in the civilian world.  Filled with tons of information about finance, success skills, persuasion, networking, and more, this book has everything a person needs to develop a path to success.

    It is a summary of worldliness - told with illustrations, quotes, references, and summaries (one page per lesson).

    If there is ever a way to help someone you care about not make some of the same mistakes you did (we all did), this book is it.